Why You Should Do Copywriting Over the Internet

September 11th, 2010

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Copywriting extends far beyond just direct mail and magazine ads. Copy principles also apply to the web just as much as any other medium. When you are writing for the web you need to gain the attention of your prospect even quicker than in print. Read on to find out some general principles for web copywriting and bringing more sales into your business.

If you want to develop great copy for the web you need to follow the general principles of copywriting that have stood the test of time through other mediums. It all starts with your headline. If you can’t grab your customer’s attention, the rest of your copy will be written for no reason.

You must write the most powerful headline that you can. This is the money-maker of your copy and as much as 50% of your writing time should be spent working on the headline alone. People are almost completely immune to marketing messages when they are surfing the internet. You need to write a headline that will pull them out of their trance and drag them back into reality.

Make sure you avoid creating paragraph-sized headlines for your online copy. For some reason there is a push for newbie copywriters to create these huge headlines that take 5 minutes to read. This is no longer a headline and most of your prospects will be completely intimidated by these things and skip them altogether. Remember that the most successful headlines in history only contained about 9 words total.

Once you have your headline, your web copy needs to be written in short paragraphs that are straight to the point and easy to read. You want to slowly pull your reader through the copy and all the way to the bottom at your “buy now” button.

Remember that web copywriting has the same purpose as direct mail. You need to avoid too many distractions for your customers. If you put in a bunch of flashy graphics, different places to click and get distracted, and other links where the customer will quickly snap out of their buying mode, you can self-sabotage your own sale.

Your on-line copy has only one purpose at a time. Whether you want to make a sale, get the user to ask for more information, or just add someone to your email list, you need to make it easy for the customer to go through the process.

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