What should I include in a copywriting portfolio?

August 9th, 2010

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What should I include in a copywriting portfolio?

I applied for some jobs recently, copywriting being one of them, but stopped expecting calls because I got busy with university classes and assignments.

I would like to work as a professional copywriter because I enjoy brainstorming brand development with other creative people, putting words to a sharp marketing message. However, I don't really have any experience doing copywriter work per se. I have been writing stories and journal entries since I was 4, and throughout school have been trained to debate, write ads, make mock marketing campaigns, and do marketing presentations (as SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS, not quite professionally). Furthermore I have previously worked as a radio talk show host, and earlier as an account executive which required me to present marketing messages well to the client, that I often rehearsed notes as part of the preparation.

Based on these experiences, and my professional aspirations for a creative career putting people's brains together, I think I would enjoy being a copywriter. People have told me that I would make a good one (most of these people are usually people who have seen my school work or people I have worked with in the past).

Anyway, I applied, and just when I wasn't expecting a company called to interview me on Saturday for a copywriter position… said I should bring my portfolio along.

There's only one problem.

I don't have one.

I have two days to go, what should I do?

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