What Are The Different Types Of Joint Venture? by Suzanne E Morrison

November 8th, 2010

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Are joint ventures something you are thinking about doing but not sure how to go about doing that? Then you need to understand exactly what the different types are so you can easily decide which type you want to do.

There are many different types of joint ventures and it is a good idea to look carefully at each type before deciding which one would best suit what you want to accomplish. Here are a few of the more normal types you can do.

1. Cross promotion – This is where you joint venture with a partner and they take your product and promote it to their customers and then you also at some point take their product and promote it to your customers.

2. Create a new product – With this type you would find someone to joint venture with that can help you create a new product that you can then both promote and make money from. Be sure that the person you partner with has the skills needed that you don’t to get the product completed successfully.

You can also partner with a larger group of people to create a particular product. Just be sure that you approach the people with the skills needed and that the JV will be a benefit to everyone in the group.

3. List building – This is a very popular type of joint venture. All you do is find a partner that will help you build your list successfully while you also help them build their list. This is also good for cross promoting your products.

4. Testimonial exchanges – You can find a partner to trade testimonials with. This is good for all partners involved because testimonials give you traffic, free exposure, and backlinks.

If you ask for a JV partners testimonial though you need to be prepared to write your own for their website.

5. Ezine ad exchange – You can joint venture with other publishers and exchange ads with them for solo ads or classified ads. Some partners will also exchange ezine articles with you. Just be sure that the JV benefits both people before approaching publishers with your offer.

Now that you understand the various types of joint venture you can determine which ones you want to use. Using joint ventures to build your business is definitely a good idea but be smart about it.

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