The Ten Hurdles Newbies Must Face When Starting An Internet Business

October 31st, 2009

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The Ten Hurdles Newbies Must Face When Starting An Internet Business

There are ten problems that most new online entrepreneurs must overcome when they begin their online business venture. Understanding what those problems mean and learning how to overcome them will increase your chances of succeeding in the world of online business.

The ten problems you need to overcome are:

1. Not Knowing How To Set Up A Website

Your website is your online business’s presence. Building your web pages can be as simple as finding a free web template and then putting information about your business onto your template. Of course, once you’ve made your template, this doesn’t make it a website – yet.

You’ll need to find a web host that will store your web pages on a server so that visitors can see your information. While there are free web-hosting companies, like Geocities or Homestead or Bravepages, that will host your website free these can often have annoying banner ads all over them that you can’t control.

Paying a small hosting fee to hosting companies like GoDaddy or DotEasy can mean you don’t have the inconvenience of these ads at the same time as having the freedom to control your site the way you want.

2. Not Knowing How to Set Up A Payment System

Your payment system is how your customers will pay for the products they buy from you. While you could ask your bank to set up an expensive merchant account for your business, this is not the easiest way to accept payments online.

Third party merchant providers like PayPal allow you to accept payments without the exorbitant banking fees and charges charged by a traditional bank.

3. Not Knowing What HTML Is

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Mark-up Language and is the code behind every website on the internet. It’s not vital to understand how to write HTML code to create a website or to insert a payment button. You could opt to download a simpler WYSIWYG web-page editing program that creates the HTML code for you.

4. Know Knowing How to Upload Files to a Server

Once you’ve created your website and you’ve chosen your web-host, you’ll need to get your web pages and images off your computer and onto your web host’s server so that your visitors can view them.

ing your files to your web host’s servers is usually done via an FTP program. FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) programs are available online from various sources. Some are free and some come at a cost. In fact some web hosts have inbuilt online FTP capacity to make things easier for you.

5 Not Knowing What An Auto Responder Is

An auto responder is an invaluable tool for any online business owner. You have the capacity to send out newsletters, informational emails, promotional messages, and even online courses to your website’s visitors. These methods of contact help your readers to get to know you and develop trust in you and the products you’re selling.

6. Not Knowing What Pay Per Click Advertising Is

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be an excellent, cost-effective advertising method for any online entrepreneur. PPC companies like Google Adwords or Bidvertiser allow you to select an amount you’re willing to pay for each visitor who clicks on your ad in order to reach your site. The beauty of this system is that you’re only paying for those visitors who click on your ad. Once they click on your ad and reach your website, the sales process and conversion tactics are all up to you.

7. Not Knowing How to Set Up An Affiliate Program

If you’ve gone to the effort of creating a product of your own and you’re trying to sell it alone, then you’re missing out on potentially thousands of dollars in sales. Affiliates are your own commission-based sales force. They will advertise your product, bring in customers and sales and they’ll do this for you in return for a commission, or affiliate fee.

It’s possible to buy affiliate management software that you manage yourself, such as JRox Affiliate Manager, or JAM. This can be a lot of work unless you have multiple products, so another option is to use a company that creates and manages your affiliate sales and payments for you, like Clickbank.

8. Not Knowing How to Set Up Web Stats to Monitor Traffic

Learning about your visitor statistics (stats) can teach you a lot about your marketing efforts and about your visitors themselves. Some stats programs, like Google Analytics are free to set up and install on your site. They then allow you to see how your visitors found your website, how long they’re staying and what they’re viewing while they’re there.

9. Not Having Experience Running a Business or an Internet Business

So many new online entrepreneurs jump into the first online business opportunity they find without really understanding the basics behind building and running a successful online business.

It’s important that you spend as much time as possible learning all you can about turning your online business into a successful venture. This means understanding sales tactics and promotional activities as well as marketing strategies and networking opportunities.

10. Not Having Experienced With Advertising or Making Money From Home

It’s not necessary to have any experience in order to begin an online business, but it is important that you learn as much as you possibly can about advertising your business. It will also benefit you enormously to learn how the successful online entrepreneurs make their money from home.

By finding people who have already succeeded in the same waters where you’re planning to dive into, you can accelerate your chances of success by understanding what they may have done wrong and what they’re doing right.

By: Dman

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