Starting Your Own Business Today an Advantage? Shocking Response! by Joaquin Reveron

November 25th, 2009

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Is starting a wholesale video games product store a viable step today? Yes it is. Is starting any type of resale e-commerce business that involves the shipping and handling of multiple products with mark-ups of 20% or more a wise decision in our economy?

There has never been a better time for starting an internet business. Not a local business that often you’ve to leave your behind and put at risk your savings, it’s all about internet businesses right now if you’ve been listening to the right people. The reasons are simple to answer, but as always, take engrave them to your own situation and conclude whether it makes sense to you.

Negotiating product prices is easier now, more than ever! Why? Imagine competitive domestic distributors knowing that most people are paralyzed thanks to the negativism shown in popular TV channels and all the range of experts giving their predictions and opinions. Start thinking what that means to distributors, wholesalers and not just domestically, but worldwide suppliers on massive scale for people that are in business or are planning to start one immediately?

It means room for negotiation. It means that most of the serious small businesses and people wanting to start a life change have numerous options. The “who gives me more” and the pricing wars between every discount source begins to flow your end once you contact legitimate sources. Just like you’ll do when wanting to buy a new home or refinancing, it’s a price war and a “who gives me more” in your mind once you know who to contact.

That’s just one of the reasons. Whether you start a wholesale video games product shop or you resale tangible electronics on a massive scale on your website for even more profits, this is just a beginning opportunity because in good times most discount sources have multiple options – now it’s the opposite.

So this usually means the savings passed into the customer and not into the supplying company pockets. Another great reason to start a business right now is because the amount of uncertainty and clutter from all the media and daily newspaper that most of us read are involve both fear and negativism.

Should someone be happy about such a fact? Of course not! However, these are our current realities and what it means to you or anyone that doesn’t like to work with the concept of Pay-Per-Click advertising; it would usually means that you would end up starting a business for getting free search engine traffic. Now, when it comes to search engine traffic it really means free for years to come if you maintain yourself updated on the current simple updates from our search engine optimization world.

Even better for competitive advantages, most people are nothing doing what they need to do with their websites and businesses. Instead of providing more options, becoming more visible and giving out more options most sites are static right now and probably waiting god knows how many months or years to pass. My smart suggestion; don’t wait to have the so called experts from the media give you an open window with go, adjust yourself to the new realities and develop new abilities.

It isn’t hard; best yet, Amazon just reported record breaking sales! So imagine a little what this means when it comes to the internet, whether you start an electronic product shop with international shipping or you start a wholesale video games commercial shop. Big possibilities if you ask me.

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Joaquin Reveron is a coach, mentor, speaker and online wholesale veteran. His focus online are on eBay and helping people create wealth through wholesale niche stores. He is also a wholesale powerseller and author of

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