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July 5th, 2009

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Start an Internet Business with Little or no Capital

In these hard economic times, with jobs disappearing and homes being foreclosed on, we all feel the pressure. Starting an internet business to supplement your income makes good sense. This article explains how to start an internet business with little or no capital.


Everyone is aware that we are in hard times. The economy has tanked, people are losing their homes, and jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate. How do we survive these days? If you are looking to start an internet business with little or no capital in tough economic times, then you should consider affiliate marketing.

Why is affiliate marketing such a good choice to begin an internet business? The reasons are many. You don’t need a website, you don’t have to be concerned with building a list unless it is part of your action plan, you do not have to develop a product and you can do it easily in spare time.

Nothing makes better sense if you are tapped out and need a quick injection of cash to get you by. Effort on your part is all that is required. Is it easy? Yes, but it is somewhat labor intensive. Nothing comes to you without effort on your part. The sweet thing about affiliate marketing is that it can be done with little or no cash required.

Why is that? Here’s why – the savvy vendor supplies you with everything you need to be successful. He has the product, takes care of delivery and payment, and then sends the commission on to you. If it is so easy then, what effort do you need to apply?

The effort on your part is to drive traffic to the vendor’s website or product page. The easiest way to do this is by writing articles. Anyone that that can put two sentences together and make them understandable is eligible. If you have a basic grasp of high school English, and use a word processor that helps you with spelling and grammar use, you are home free. You then submit the articles to article directories.

When you write the article, you will direct the reader to a free blog or Squidoo lens that you have built that showcases the product you are promoting. On this blog or lens you will have direct links to the affiliate product. The reason for this is many article directories will not let you put a direct link to an affiliate page on your article. Also, you have a better chance of making the sale if you have a blog or lens directly related to the product you are promoting. Make good use of images and other formatting to make the blog or lens stand out.

As you can see, learning affiliate marketing is not rocket science. There is, however, a basic formula and resources that you should have access to make these efforts easier and get you up and running quicker. Even though you can start an internet business with little or no capital, your time will be better spent learning from the pros. To learn how to start an internet business with little or no capital, visit our website today. We can help.

Start an Internet Business With Little Or No Capital
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By Alden Smith
Published: 1/23/2009


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