Setting Up Your Autoresponder Messages – How to Follow Up With Your List Using Relevant Information

July 31st, 2009

Setting up your autoresponder sequence can be very confusing, especially if you are just starting out in internet marketing. When I first started online I just did not know what to write in each message. I signed up for several people’s lists, just to see what kind of messages I would receive from them.

Making a study of what other online marketers do can be very helpful when you are setting up your autoresponder sequence. I found that many people sent an email every day, whereas others other sent me an email message every three days or even less frequently.

I also looked very closely at what was included in each of these emails and began to see a pattern. The first message thanked me for signing up and gave me a link to the free gift I was promised when I originally signed up. The second message gave me some tips or other valuable content, along with a link to an article or blog post on the niche topic I had signed up to learn more about. The third message invited me to a teleseminar and also included a link to a relevant affiliate product. Then the sequence started all over again.

Then I subscribed to my own list using a different email address. That way I could experience what it was like to be on my list and receive the messages every few days. This is very important to the process. If you receive an email and it seems confusing to you, go in right away and make any changes that need to be made. A confused mind says no or simply unsubscribes.

The bottom line is that your fortune is in your follow up, and keeping in touch with your list on a regular basis is crucial to this process. Go back every month or so and make sure that your messages make sense and are relevant to what you are doing in your online business.

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