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March 2nd, 2011

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Profit Is Important, But…

Yes, profit is quite important for your business, but you’ll note many top companies in the online world had to invest not months, but years into making their businesses work. The big example is Amazon, now one of the hottest retailers online; well, at first they were losing money! Now they’re making money. So what were they doing before? Why were they losing money? You build trust and get customers by offering low prices online. Once you get the golden repeat customer, once someone buys from you once a month instead of once every few years, your business is going strong. This is brand loyalty; it takes time to work. SEO blogging is for profit in many ways, but you’ll likely make little in the first year. However, you can build your brand and retain customers. You will also get new customers.

New Customers:

SEO blogging is all about informing first and then leading to a sale. People go to blogs for info, sometimes pictures, sometimes to buy but not always. If you post a dozen articles on some business angle, say “How to Save Money on Taxes” and then you offer, later, a $10 report on how to do this legally,bingo, you might get new customers. But notice: you first informed and then you sold.

On the Cheap:

SEO blogging is quite a reasonable way to advertise. Often you can do this yourself. This isn’t SEO copywriting in terms of difficulty, but sometimes you may want to hire an expert. However, even hiring a professional blogger won’t cost too much. The blog will also be simpler, easier to maintain, and a constant source of new customers.

Not Too Hard:

It’s simple what you do here. Start a blog. Post at least twice a week. Then start directing readers to your main site to sell something or sell something directly on your blog. That’s all there is to it. You won’t always make millions, but often the simplest strategies work the best.

Can Be Fun:

Blogging can be quite fun too! Often blogs are more personal than your main site (your business website selling products/services or informing). You can say “I” a lot more on a blog, because it’s expected. You can technically talk about what you want, share exciting news about your business.

There are few wrong ways to blog, unless you spell every word wrong or write 10 page letters. Keep it short and simple.

Sell More, Earn More, Grow:

With SEO blogging you do get the opportunity to sell more over time, earn perhaps higher prices for your products/services than before, and since blogging is a growing medium your company will also grow right along with the blog. It’s exciting to do, and simple in application.

Trond is an experienced Internet Entrepreneur. He is an expert in the Make Money Online industry and has written several books about search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. Visit his blog at to learn more about how to make money online.

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