seo – How To Get Top Search Engine Placement With Social Bookmarking

March 3rd, 2011

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How To Get Top Search Engine Placement With Social Bookmarking

In this age of Internet connectivity, where socialization is dependent on surfing the web, sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace are gaining huge popularity across the world. Thousands of people are setting up accounts on these sites and getting connected with their friends, relatives, and peers. Have you ever thought that these social networking sites can have business prospects also? In fact, if you are subjecting your website for improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results, social bookmarking holds a high potential. I am not telling that social bookmarking alone can bring you the coveted first page search rank, this technique when combined with other techniques, can yield good results. Read on.

The concept

The basic concept behind social bookmarking is rather easy. This involves posting links to your website on popular social network sites. People, who want to know more about you, your interests, or, on business terms, the products you are offering, will click on the links.

Social networking as an SEO tool

If you are subjecting your website to an organic SEO program, social networking can be a good thing to dive at. Social networking attracts referred traffic. While bookmarking, you are usually allowed to provide a two to three line description that describes what you intend to offer to your visitors. You have to be very choosy about the words you use in this description. You have to entice the reader to click the link. You have to include the right keywords here that your readers might use in search engines. This calls for lot of planning on your part to arrive at the most effective keywords and framing the right descriptions for your audience. If you are unable to devote sufficient time and effort on th
is, it may be a wise decision to hire the services of a competent SEO service provider.

Search engines and social bookmarking

Leading search engine giants like Google, Altavista, MSN depend on a lot on social bookmarking when they arrive at the search results. Social bookmarking is that area of organic SEO activity where sheer web traffic plays a key role. When more and more people visit your page on the social networking site, get enticed by your apt descriptions and click the link, web traffic is generated. With increased volume of this web traffic, the chances of your site to reach the first page in search rankings improves considerably. Algorithms of leading search engines like Google give lot of importance to this web traffic arising out of social bookmarking.

Leading SEO companies always recommend social bookmarking to be used in harmony with other SEO techniques. This will propel your site to a high search rank that has so far remained elusive.

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