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October 20th, 2010

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Conquer Any Niche Market – 4 Step Proven Formula Creates Fortunes

A five star report, “Niche Fortune Exposed” contains rock solid niche marketing strategies and principles to help you create that online fortune you always dreamed about. Let me give you some of the highlights of this amazing 4 step process.

Step #1 – Capture and Profit

You will see and hear this term over and over again…the value is in the list.

But few understand the real principles of what list building is all about. Once understood, you have just gotten a whole lot closer to creating your very own money machine.

This report will teach you that the real value of a list comes down to the value of creating life long customers, regardless of the niche. It focuses on creating effective communications with your customer, needed to convert them into valuable lifelong purchasers.

They skilfully explain the process of building a reliable model for creating your opt-in page and response sequences. The benefit of using implicit copy is exampled so you can learn what plays effectively on human desire. It focuses on giving your customer the “reason why” they need to opt-in to what you are offering.

I was fascinated with the reports approach to creating “under the radar” sales copy, the value of testimonials and getting people to sign up with the use of incentives. It was uncanny how you can mix and match tactics to get the optimal effect you are looking for.

You are then given all the steps to create an effective opt-in form and how to tie it together with using an “autoresponder”. For those that are not all that familiar with using an autoresponder, don’t fear, the details provided are extensive with screen captures that take you by the hand through the entire process.

Pay attention and devour the information in this section because it becomes the back bone for everything else you do. If you find some of the work or technical requirements a little over whelming, don’t fret, they provide a list of resources that will save you time and frustration.

After learning how to capture customers in your niche and developing a communication strategy we now move onto the next step in the process.

Step #2 – Instant Content Tactics.

People buy only when they believe they “can trust you”. Creditability and trust lead to loyalty which is the heart and soul of every successful business.

To create trust, creditability and loyalty you need to provide quality content for your subscribers. This point can’t be stressed enough.

So where do you get the content and what types of content do my customers want to receive? Niche Fortune Exposed provides a number of examples and resources to help you acquire instant content for those who don’t have material of their own.

Using private label material of audio…video…e-books etc. is a great way to use the expertise of others to provide the content that your new subscriber is craving for. These professionally designed packages make it very affordable to obtain quality material that builds your reputation and branding.

In one simple sentence the single most important thing to do with your list is ‘build a relationship’.

Step #3 – Reciprocal Profits

I believe that aside from all the technical stuff, this section hits it on the head when it comes to using your mind. The mindset of how you perceive and treat your customer is so…so… important if you want to be successful implementing everything else in this report.

Wise marketers have come to realize that relationship building is a whole lot easier and much more beneficial financially if you understand the term “reciprocity”.

Your goal here and I quote “is to educate them, respect them, praise them and reward them”.

You will be gob smacked by just how powerful this bit of information really is and what it is really worth to your business once you get your head around it.

It all boils down to your intentions and the perception of your customer. If your customer perceives your intentions as being genuine, compassionate and concerned for their well being, they will respond in kind by purchasing what you have to offer.

This report nails it by explaining the “how to” of building reciprocal relationships. The tools and methods are sound and if followed can be the key to unlocking the wealth that you dream of, for you and your family. Give and you shall receive!

Step #4 – Command Instant Traffic

Traffic generation is the last part of their Niche Fortune Formula which is a guide to generate instantaneous targeted traffic to your niche opt-in page.

I’m not going to go into great detail about this section other than to say the authors have touched on many of the important issues on the subject. There is a horde of information already on-line regarding PPC (pay per click) advertising, blogging, article marketing, forums etc.

In summary, I must say that this report contains information that will light the road to a successful on-line marketing career. Choose your niche wisely and apply what they teach and I’m confident you will see life altering results. Remember, the niche you choose may be different than someone else’s but the principles always remain the same. Good Luck!

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Zorin Kapersky invites marketers to learn the Controversial Top-Secret Simple 4-Step Formula To Amassing A Huge Fortune From ANY Niche.

Learn the single, most important thing you must do when marketing to any niche, generate immediate content, learn about “Reciprocal Profits”

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