One Way Link Building Strategy – An Outsourcing Pitfall

June 7th, 2009

One Way Link Building Strategy – An Outsourcing Pitfall

Everyone wants to build one way links to his web site, but there are various views about the right method for one way link building strategy. There’s no doubt that such increase in link popularity is the ideal method for gaining backlinks, but it isn’t as simple as people talk about it.

How to Build One Way Links!

To take on a quality one way link building strategy, you have to create quality content and deploy your desired key phrases in various places within it. Such content could be created to be used at different websites on the Internet:

1. An article to be submitted to article directories

2. A press release to be syndicated on the web,

3. An online newsletter to be submitted to social media,

4. And so on.

The important issue is that when you build one way links, you should use your selected key phrases at certain places within your content. Such key phrases should play the role of the anchor text to be your backlinks wherever applicable. Let’s review a few cases here.

One Way Link Building by Article Marketing

Website promotion via proper article marketing is one of the link building strategies that leads to one way link building. While doing so, you should make sure that your selected key phrases appear at title, first paragraph, throughout the body text, toward the end, and as anchor text at the “About the Author” section of your articles.

When you submit an article to article directories, you give them content for their readers. In return, they give you the “About the Author” section so that you could introduce yourself and your expertise as well as include your links. Your keywords should appear as text links there. This contributes to your search engine ranking and increases your link popularity while you add to the quality of such one way links by using your keywords in them.

Build One Way Links Using Press Releases

Website promotion via press release is another method to build one way links to your web site. Press Releases are about your company’s event, news, new product, service, etc. You write them yourself or get them written for you as keyword-rich content to be syndicated on the web.

Like in the case of article marketing above, as you provide content, you’ll be given a section called “boilerplate” at the bottom of your PR to introduce your company. So, you should mention your keyphrases at the title, first paragraph, throughout the body text, toward the end, and as anchor text at the “boilerplate” of the PR.

Use Your Online Newsletter for One Way Link Building

If you publish an online newsletter on any issue, you can use social bookmarking and social networking to build one way links. There you have to use the keyword-rich title of your webpage as an anchor text linking to your webpage. So, they lead visitors and search engines to your new content using your keyword.

Here, you have to make sure that the new content, new webpage on your site, has been optimized for search engines so that you could take maximum benefit in search engine marketing.

The Possible Pitfall in Outsourcing One Way Link Building

There is lots of Internet marketing companies out there these days and they all promise to build one way links for your web site. Of course, they may gain lots of links for your website, but what about the quality links you need to surpass your competitors? Do their new inbound links help you in this too?

Make sure such companies use your top-priority key phrases at the particular places introduced above for you. Sometimes, they overlook this important rule or even rule it out and think quantity can make up for the quality! So, they give you a long list of article syndication results, but you see no improvement in your organic search engine placement. This is when you should scrutinize into what they are actually doing for you.

A one way link building strategy takes focused attention and quality service. Organic SEO experts have to spend enough time to deploy several required techniques into bringing about quality link popularity improvement for your web site. So, make sure they build one way links that bear your desired key phrases.

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