My Honest Ppc Domination Review

December 21st, 2009

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My Honest Ppc Domination Review

When looking for ways to expand and streamline my online marketing and promotion, I always knew that there had to be significant improvements to my Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. I had purchased a few classes/tutorials from the Adwords gurus, only to find that my results weren’t improving.

As soon as I heard that Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi were putting out the PPC Domination course, I had a feeling that this was the course to move my business ahead.

Iu2019ve purchased a few PPC information products over the years, but Mike and Jim%u2019s PPC Domination goes way beyond any of the others.

Most PPC information products are incomplete, only covering the ad part of the process.

PPC Domination begins at the beginning of the sales funnel, way before you place your ad.

PPC Domination teaches the complete sales process of a PPC campaign, beginning from the very beginning: What you should do before you place the ad; choosing a proper domain name; How to build a successful landing page; How to go through the complete sales process and understanding the mindset of your prospects; and there is so much more
There is so much more to PPC domination than just putting up an ad and being a seasoned copywriter.

If you are looking to streamline your PPC advertising campaigns and have some experience in internet marketing, PPC Domination is definitely the course for you.

But, if you are new to internet/affiliate marketing, PPC Domination is just one piece of a very large puzzle. It took me 6 long months of studying, learning, investigating, and researching before I was able to turn a significant profit online. If you are a “newbie” or have little experience, PPC Domination is not right course for you. If you need more education, for less money than PPC Domination, I highly recommend Wealthy University. Wealthy University has a wealth of knowledge and will get you started with an 8 week in depth training program. Wealthy University includes a vast array of tools for the internet/affiliate marketer including: Website Builder; Free Hosting Account; One-On-One Support; Keyword Research Tools; Google Adwords & Yahoo! Search Marketing Support; and the best, most informative Forum that I have seen. < 1000 br />

Learn more about Wealthy University here,

By: Jim Zimmermann

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This system guarantees your PPC ads get maximum clicks (and maybe even be the ONLY ads that get clicked on)—even if your ads are weaker and less “polished” than your competition’s ads,

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