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January 19th, 2011

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Instant list building success. Sounds like a pipe dream, but it is in reality one of those true rare internet gems.

For example, people have used article marketing for their traffic needs for years. The concept is of course simple. You submit an article, the article gets picked up by the search engines and is positioned well, and then as people click through to the article, the hope and goal is that they continue on to click the link that you put on the bottom of your article, which is a page you use either to sell something (your own product, affiliate products, AdSense, or CPA offers) or as an inhouse list builder.

Okay, it really is that simple – but because so many people do it, the article marketers needed to find some edge in order to get and keep a good solid stream of targeted traffic going to their offers, so they of course started using all sorts of tactics to get backlinks pointing to those article in order to give the article more weight in the search engines.

This worked great for a very long time, in fact it is still the most widely used method of article marketing… Once you get the hang of it, it’s no longer a guessing game, it becomes just a numbers game… In other words, once you are familiar with the process you will know that 1 article in general will generate x many clicks to your target page, so, setup x many articles to receive x many targeted hits to your web page… Simple.

As with anything traffic related on the internet, there are always those who are looking for faster/better results. In other words, they don’t want to have to guess, they want to go straight for the kill and nail those high traffic keyword articles right from the start – who can blame them!

So, here is the very latest in article marketing trends being used by the real movers and shakers…

Now serious article marketers are using the search engines to find the articles that are already doing very well, and then basically rewrite that high traffic article using their own words but the same set of keywords as the original author used.

What this does is takes out the guess work – you simple go find the high traffic articles related to your niche of choice, and then clone that persons campaign.

What i mean is, you identify that their article is getting a lot of traffic, and then you go through their link to see their landing page.

Once you have their landing page (your own product, affiliate products, AdSense, or CPA offers, list building) you can simply clone their entire campaign.

Basically you are letting them do the hard and tedious part (finding the great keyword combination’s that are popular in the search engines) and then you are just taking that whole campaign and copying it so that you get in on the action.

It’s really a brilliant tactic… Leaving ethics out of it, it comes down to focusing on your objective (making money) and then finding the shortest route to achieve that objective (copy someone else’s profitable campaign).

Here is the search string to use to find any hot traffic generator…

keyword-here “This article has been viewed 500..199999” “Article Submitted On: May*, 2010”

Break it down…

1- Enter your target niche keyword.

2- Tell it the least amount of article views you want it to return… in the case above, we used a minimum of 500 views.

3- Tell it the month you want this information for… I used may, you can use any month, or replace the month with a * symbol and it will return results for the entire year. Or use a * where the year is and you can find out what the highest pulling articles of all time are. I just did a quick test and told it to only pull articles with more than 500,000 views.

See how simple it is?

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