list building – What You Need to Know About List Building

January 30th, 2011

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If you wonder how some people are able to make money from web traffic, the secret is to build effective email lists that you can use to send information to your clients. List building is such a critical part of increasing your client base that there are many courses and ebooks devoted to the topic. Here are a few suggestions that you can use in order to turn prospects into buyers. Here are a few tips that you can use to make list building very simple.

Website structure is important. This means including a squeeze page. This is a page that has no exit hyperlinks and which offers customers something in return for leaving their email addresses. Squeeze pages rely as much on the way they look as what they say so be careful when constructing yours.

You also need to make sure that you email the people on your lists regularly. Think outside the box and find ways to email them that include, but are not limited to newsletters and special offers. Remember, you want your people to feel special about being on your mailing list.

You also want to make your customers look forward to the emails that you send them. Remember that the last thing you want is to end up having customers ask to have their emails removed from your list. If you are careful about how you structure your website and you include valuable information and product offers in your emails you may find that you end up with a massive emailing list that you can then use to increase your customer base.

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Internet List Building – Best Tips For Internet List Buildingjoe Fier Teaches Internet Marketing And

Depending on how long you’ve been looking at earning money online, you’ll know the importance of having an email list building facility for you Internet business. You can have the most magnificent platform to show your products, and still be struggling to make a dime. And correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s why you’re online, yes?

Extensive testing from experts seem to suggest that it can take up to 10 exposures to your site before you can turn your average visitor into a buyer. Translated, that means that if you aren’t able to get your website in front of all your visitors more than once, you’re risk leaving a lot of potential money on the table, hence the need for an Internet list building element for your business.

Another way of looking at it is this. Let’s say that for example your Internet list building website conversion is at 1%. Your average client buys on roughly the 7th email, and you’re maybe getting 1 in 4, or 1 in 5 sales. So that’s more or less a 3-5% conversion rate.

How’s that done then? This is where a landing page comes in. In other words, it acts as gateway to your Internet list building site, and to get any further, visitors have to give their name and email. They do so, in exchange for a gift – usually a downloadable ebook, report or something else from which they can get value and benefit.

No doubt there’ll be a few who you’ll never see again, but the odds are stacked in your favor and you should get most of your traffic opting-in for your Internet list building website. Doing things this way allows you to keep sending emails until they buy from you. This is obviously a huge advantage over a one-hit effort that never sees them again.

What’s the method of getting response from your list?

There is no other way than providing them with free content; information they can apply. Do this in the first emails, then at regular intervals – for ever! Sending messages containing “buy now” wording will alienate them quickly. Try and be inventive when emailing so that you can give plenty of good reasons to keep on opening your email
Your emails need to be opened – otherwise there’s no chance of purchases being made.

But first they need to be opened. That may sound really elementary, but you’d be surprised what can be misses in our Internet list building. We all want people to purchase our products and that can lead to irrational haste and carpet-bombing our emails with promotions. Yes, we need sales, but that comes from building successful relationships with your email list, not crucifying them with sales letters. Gibe them free information for methods they can instantly apply.

Introduce them to the habit of clicking links in your emails. Coax them to click through to free offers, rather than just uploading them into your email. It’s habit-forming and will get them into a comfort zone for your emails, and clicking through. So when the time comes to introduce and offer – say a free trial – they’ll be in the frame of mind to click through, thus making a profit for you.

Be sure to use the same email for all your Internet list-building emails. This is obvious really – they’ll get to trust it and as soon as they receive one from another address you’ve used, that factor goes.

Test, test, and test again, but these three things in particular:

For a particular headline – what’s the email opening rate?

Your email’s click-through rate – for a given style of bulletin or letter

The opening rate of the email that follows the previous one.

That last one is pretty important.

Don’t dismiss #3. If you send a rubbish email, then you’re not so likely to get the following one opened at all. It may be boring but force yourself to make a continual study of your list building parameters, because it will help you to improve it, and that can only be good for the profits of your Internet business

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