List Building Tips – Getting More Sales on Initial Opt In

December 5th, 2010

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When a subscriber first opts into your list, it is at this time that they are going to be most open to any offers that you might have. So you want to strike when the iron is hot. In this article, I’m going to show you a simple way to get your subscriber to make a purchase on that initial opt in.

What you want to do is quite simple. Let’s say you have a product and it sells for $47 normally. What you want to do is include something like this in your initial newsletter.

“Dear Subscriber…Thank you for subscriber to my newsletter. I hope you find this information to be informative and helpful. In case you are not aware, I have a product specifically geared to solving the problem that you’re having with (problem goes here) that normally sells for $47. What I am doing today is making this product available to you for the next 24 hours ONLY for the reduced price of $27…”

And so on. You can then go on to describe the product and all the benefits of having it. You want to stress, at the end of this message, that this offer is ONLY good for the next 24 hours. What this does is it introduces a little scarcity into the mind of the prospect. Fear of loss is going to set in. They’re going to start thinking to themselves, “What if this product is really what I’m looking for? What if it really helps me? If I can get it for $20 less, I’d be a fool not to do it.” More times than not, the person is going to take you up on your offer.

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, why would I want to sell a $47 product for just $27? Well, two reasons. The first reason is simple. A sale is a sale, and it may be one that you might not gotten otherwise had you not reduced the price. I have run many such sales and have had numerous people who had been on my list for ages FINALLY buy the product because it was reduced. It all adds up.

The second reason is something most people don’t think about. As this is most likely a digital product (no, you wouldn’t do this with a physical one where you’re losing money on the sale) there really is no cost of sale. Each sale is 100% profit. So what is the difference if you sell it for $47 or $27? If two people buy who normally wouldn’t have, you have $54 profit, which is more than the price of one regular sale.

It’s for this reason that you see many offline stores run sales. They know that the extra sales they make will more than make up for the money lost in the reduction of the price.

Anyway, it’s something for you to consider doing with your first time subscribers.

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Steven Wagenheim

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