List Building Tips For Beginners

January 11th, 2011

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If you are a beginner to the internet marketing world, then you might be wondering about list building. However, you would be happy to know that as a beginner internet marketer you can make a lot of extra money if you just concentrate on list building. Nevertheless, most of the online business owners say that ‘The money is in the List’ and it’s true. You would be happy to know that, in this article I am going to tell you the importance of building List.

List building is a simple task and you don’t need any special skill to learn it. What you need to do is to collect your potential customers’ emails. However, you can collect your customers’ emails easily with your internet marketing blog. Just encourage your site visitors to enter their emails to get the updates of your blog.

If you just have a look on the website of larger companies, then you will see that, whenever someone buys a product or service from them, they always tell them to fill a form with their email and address. However, it’s much easier to market to folks who are interested in what you are selling than to complete strangers. That’s the strategy that almost all companies apply.

Over the couple of years, almost all internet marketers have been paying their attention on building list. However, building a list has become one of the most important aspects to them. If you just visit on some internet marketers’ blogs, you will see that almost all blogs have an option that tells to enter your mail id in order to be updated with the latest posts or so.

Let’s see a real calculation of making money with List building. For example, let’s assume that, you have 5000 people on your list. Now, create a newsletter to promote a product. Send this newsletter to 5000 people. You get response of 5 % (assume) clicking on your link and 5% buy your product. Here is the calculation:

5 % of 5000 = 250

5% of 250 = 12.5

Let’s assume that the price of your product is $25. So,

$25 × 12.5 = $312.5

Not bad for sending an email!

Therefore, I can say that, earning a lot of money with a list building is really easy. What you need to do is to add an auto responder and a capture page. I recommend AWeber as it provides a great list building service with an affordable price. Now, create a newsletter to promote your products. However, don’t forget to check your bank account to see the flood of money.

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