List Building Strategies For Explosive Growth

January 5th, 2011

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List Building Strategies For Explosive Growth

Please note that this article is about building a powerful list. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: autopilot cash formula and affiliate lightning. Now let’s get into it…

Creating an email list can be one of the most profitable investments you can make in your business. You will never be able to establish any kind of relationship with your website visitors if you’re unable to talk to them. The simple truth is you’re walking away from certain profits and growth if you don’t have an email list. If you can keep communicating with your site visitors, then you’re assured of making more sales in the future. Professional research has proven that very few people ever buy on the first visit to a website. If you avoid asking for, and getting, contact data you’ll be losing a sale. All successful online marketers point to the value of list building because the greatest profits can be found in the backend. It does not matter what kind of online business you have, if you neglect to build your ist, then you’re just leaving cash on the table. You can really build-up your business reputation by having a list. Business and sales will become a lot easier when people view you as an expert in your market. In this article we will be discussing a few list building tactics that show you how to build your list the right way.

Building a list is closely connected with building traffic. The same qualities found in your traffic will be found in your marketing list. A list created from “un”-targeted traffic will be a list that is not targeted to anything at all. Your email marketing conversion rates will be very close to zero. You need to have a list that is targeted to what you have to offer, lacking that they’ll be targeted to everything and nothing all at once. It’s all a
bout having quality rather than quantity. Of course there are marketers who generate huge profits from small but highly targeted lists. Conversely, you’ll find thousands of marketers with large lists that are indeed, not targeted. Responsiveness is everything in a list, and the size of it is secondary.

But you will need to decide how to monetize your list. Getting started on it is only step one. There are a lot of different ways to make money from a list, but perhaps the best way is through affiliate marketing. Doing product reviews for your list is one method. It does work because they will buy from you. The goal is to try to help your list, and while doing so send them an offer. However, be sure to find that critical balance between helpful content you send and your affiliate offers. You can also try putting ads in your ezines or finding joint venture partners.

Come to this for what it is, a business, and you will dominate be able to dominate multiple niches. Relationship building through a subscriber’s list is the best way to grow very fast.

By: Alton Small

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