List Building Method 1: A Guide To Using Jv Giveaway To Build A List

November 2nd, 2010

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List Building Method 1: A Guide To Using Jv Giveaway To Build A List

There are many different paths to take in order to build a good overall list. However, the easiest ones to implement seem to revolve around using a JV (Joint Venture) giveaway to build a list. If done correctly a good joint venture can pull together several hundreds of new subscribers in a short amount of time. This strategy done properly can boost numbers exponentially, but needs to have a well planned out plan of action before it can be successful.

The first step to using a JV giveaway to build a list is to find a group of business owners that are all in your target market. By associating with them and collaborating on ideas of what to give away or offer as a complimentary service, you can really formulate a good giveaway that will entice potential clients with greater success rates.

After you have spoken with several businesses and websites you can set up an event page where a new visitor will see the free giveaway which they need to sign up for to receive. While this page is set up, all the other businesses and websites you have collaborated with will promote the event page through their lists, newsletters, and websites, giving you specific targeted traffic, paying off dividends, and raising the bar of success swiftly and easily.

The aforementioned seem simple enough, however, you will have to entice potential partners with more than just clever speech, and you will have to devise a way to assist their needs as well.

An important step to using a JV giveaway to build a list, that cannot be stressed enough is the fact that you need to prepare promotional materials. These materials need to be worded carefully, plotted out with care, and given to your JV partners. The less work
that they have to do, the better the odds are that they will actually follow through with their end of the deal. After you have carefully plotted your promotional materials, keep in touch with your JV partners to ensure the materials fit their audience, and if need be, change them to fit their overall needs.

Lastly, when using a JV giveaway to build a list, make sure that you get good feedback. Make sure that there are no complaints, or major headaches derived from your promotion. Furthermore, make sure that your JV partners are happy with the work you have put in and the overall plan of action. By building relationships with other business minded individuals, you can network a large community of people to generate income naturally.

It should be noted that before you launch any JV giveaway, you have a clear delineation of tasks and resources. Developing these types of giveaways should always favor the consumer, or else they will be less likely to join a list. Make sure that you appeal to reason and common sense, and do not try to strong arm potential clients. They need to connect with the service in a natural way, and that can only be done with careful plotting and planning.

By: Kenny Loh

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