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January 25th, 2011

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List Building Campaigns With Autopilot Cash Formula

Do you already have a large list of 10,000 or more subscribers? If so, then you’re probably not going to get much by reading this. On the other hand, if you don’t, but have more than 6 months behind you with Internet marketing, you could well be making some of these list-building mistakes. Make a fix or two, and see your list expand.

– No opt-in. Do you have an opt-in? That’s a big list-building mistake if you don’t. Visitors to your page should have every opportunity to join your subscription list. Once they leave you page, they may never return, so the only way to show them your page again is to collect their name and email.

– No Landing page. A common building mistake – if the sole purpose of getting traffic for your website is to have them sign up for your offer, then you’ll quickly lose subscriber opportunities if they don’t come through a landing page first. The same applies if traffic’s coming to you from Adwords sites. If you have a gift incentive for them in exchange for subscribing, then you’re not permitting them to see your site without giving their details – missing this is a classic list-building mistake.

– Failing to target your lists properly. You need to have 5 lists of 200 people rather than one list of 10,000. This ensures your targets are more tightly focused. Do this and you will see your conversion rates increase dramatically.

– No relationship building. A huge mistake – sending a subscriber promotion after promotion when what they’ve actually subscribed for is more information, is an utter no-no. They can be forgiven for 1) not opening any more of your emails, and 2) Unsubscribing altogether. Relationship building is critical and vital. So se
nd plenty of useful information to them please! You must have the confidence that a product can deliver true value before you even consider sending it to them.

– Failing to track your leads. Not so much of a mistake, as the dread – the dread of analytics. Are your leads all going to one page? If they are and you’re not tracking them, you’re turning a blind eye to information that will help you build and direct your campaign a lot more efficiently. You’re possibly financing your lead generation. You have multiple sources. Generally speaking you are happy with the cost of getting your leads. You need to be aware.

– It’s the same deal with time. Time spent building and nurturing sources. All that effort, and there’s every chance that you may not even realize that all your leads are coming from one source. How would you know? Can you imagine the results if all that effort was centered on just that one source?

– So you need to keep a keen eye on tracking email campaigns, which ones get opened, which get click throughs. This should reveal why you’re making money – or not. Conclusively, track and test all that you do and minimize your mistakes.

By: Teena Damron

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Let’s talk for a few minutes about list building techniques, okay? There are a veritable avalanche of ways to build a hyper responsive list. Pay per click can work wonderfully well….and extremely fast. Some social media marketing strategies are super effective as well. Joint venture partners, endorsed mailings and having affiliates promote YOUR offers to an opt in page are all explosive methods for rapidly building your list.

But want to know the truth?

99% of the people reading this will NEVER do any of the above. They are a bit complicated to pull off, a bit overwhelming to launch and to be totally honest, pretty intimidating for most. So I’m not going to offer you a whole cacophony of creative strategies to use ANY of the above to build your business. Why? There may only be 1 or 2 people reading this who will EVER make use of it…and I’d rather offer a lower hanging fruit approach that ANYONE reading this can (and SHOULD) use instead.

Want to know the simplest, surest and most expeditious route to building a hyper responsive list for FREE?

Article marketing. Writing articles like this one…and submitting to high ranking, high authority and well “trusted” directories. Use targeted keywords, but don’t over think it. Identify EXACTLY who it is that makes up your ideal list….and go after them with very specific articles that speak specifically to them. The closer you can get to the core ETHOS, needs and wants of your perfect audience, the more responsive your list will be…..PERIOD.

For example……

If THIS article was written for life coaches, I would simply make the title – “list building for life coaches”. I promise you, with that extra layer of specificity, I’m going to get FEWER opt in’s, but a much higher percentage of people who are very specifically segmented to what I’m ultimately going to offer, if that was my niche. (it’s not..:-)

So write articles. Be HYPER specific….and your list will be hyper responsive in return. And be aggressive….both in building value, mailing your list AND building relationships with the small percentage of the overall list that is engaged with your content. (you CAN make a fortune with nothing else…..I promise!)

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