list building – Are You Struggling To Make Money Online? – The Importance Of List Building.

January 14th, 2011

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Are You Struggling To Make Money Online? – The Importance Of List Building.

Advice to all new and old online marketers. Not having your own list costing you lost of money? Having your own list is like automated money in the bank whenever you want. This is true financial security. The people that like you and trust you will always buy from you.

Did you know that for every 100 people that visit your website only one will buy? On the other hand, capturing their information and providing value to them will guarantee you long term success business you can sell or offer them services over and over again.
Most of the time when people come to your website they might not be ready to buy, but capturing their information, you can do the business with them over and over. Having a squeeze page and autoresponder to automate your list building will definitely save you time and efforts.

Online is all about automation. List building is such an essential thing that you can never ignore it. Your entire process should include a squeeze a page and autoresponder my friend. Creating a subscribers list is worth your effort and time because every subscriber is worth a $1.00 a month if you don’t know. What if you had 5000 people on your list? Wouldn’t that help you become recession proof? That’s the power of email list. Make list building a primary concern in your marketing.

In conclusion, if you really want to succeed big and in the long run online, you must take serious about building your email list. Each subscriber you have worth $1.00 and that could be some serious cash as your list grow. The question is how many subscribers would like to have?

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If you are an online marketer, why should you even worry about building a list? Why not just go straight for the sale? I am sure if you are a new online marketer, you have asked yourself these very questions. True, sending a potential customer straight to a sales page is easier and one less step for the customer, but if you intend to build a long-lasting and stable business you need a list. Here we will examine why online marketing needs list building.

Internet marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing and list building all go hand-in-hand. You may have heard it before “the money is in list.” A targeted e-mail list of potential clients that you can sell to over and over throughout the years is essential to any online business. It can make the difference between surviving or going broke.

Here are a few tips to show you why list building is essential for any online marketing business.

– The money is in the list. It is much easier to go back and sell more products to a list of people that have purchased from you before. The old saying holds true “if you can get one dollar from a customer, you can get another.” With this said, it is much easier to sell another product that is related to the original product sold to the same customer. These repeat sales are one stream of steady income to any online business.

– Relationships. It is easier to sell to someone that you have a relationship with than it is to sell to a stranger. People buy from people they like and trust. By having a list of previous customers or followers that you have built a relationship with, it presents less resistance to new sales. One of the most crucial aspects of list building is building an ongoing relationship with the people on your list.

– Make them want more. If you provide useful and interesting information to your list, then they will be overjoyed to hear and buy from you. Your list will be very loyal, especially if they receive freebies and discounts from you. Without a list, this would be impossible. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear from a customer thanking you for the information or discount they received by being on your list.

– A sense of endearment. By being on your list and receiving free reports or useful information, your customers have a feeling of endearment towards you. They almost feel guilty if they do not purchase from you. You gave them something for free and helped to make their life easier so why not purchase from you? It only makes sense!

These are just a few tips of why online marketing needs list building. Using a combination of article marketing and e-mail marketing facilitated by list building efforts can be a very powerful marketing strategy. This is just the tip of iceberg. Would you like to know more?

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