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December 9th, 2010

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Leveraging Opportunity Selection
 by: Brian Hack

The “get-rich-quick deals” using “fast-and-easy money machines” may sound convincing in theory, but in practice, there is a gap in understanding the full meaning of the words “quick” and “fast” as it relates to making money. If the claims proved true, wouldn’t everyone be rich tomorrow? In addition, why would anyone sell them rather than use them?

Well, many people do sell them and some do use them, but not many get wealthy overnight. So part of the process of business building has to do with selection of opportunity with respect for how much time and money you are ready to invest.

Selection of opportunity is based on interest, your interest in a subject or niche, and your interest in the time and money you spend on it. You have to like it to do it. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you find out along the way and that is an indicator of the time factor built into experience. In other words, the more experience you have in the niche you market in the sooner your income will exceed expenses.

Experience is a journey everyone takes and in business it makes sense to like what you do. Once you have decided on your niche of interest, internet business building can be expressed in four steps; create in-demand content, attract targeted traffic, pre-sell visitors, and monetize pre-sold traffic.

Content is the result of experience, your own or what can be gleaned from others. You can package what you know as a book or ebook and you can draw from other’s experience to add content to your niche. A new packaging service is about to launch that is focused on qualitative improvement path of both content and packaging.

Once you have content built in a web page or site, traffic is the next step in the internet marketing process. Traffic is built with advertising and list building for direct email. Advertising can start out free and when you’ve got some experience on how the internet ad agencies work you can purchase more targeted exposures for traffic. Lists to send email to are far more likely to generate sales but only if they are highly targeted. A highly qualified double opt-in list takes time to build but like a customer base in any business, on or off line, a list of customers is the most valuable part of your business and well worth the investment of time and money.

Pre-selling visitors to your web site is in many ways the art of invitation. The science is in the list where the opt-in response is like R.S.V.P. to an invitation.

Monetizing your product is the result of the process. At this point, you have quality content and a package proportionate to the price you ask. You have built traffic to your web page, captured email from interested browsers, and invited them to your sales page. The sales page is of your own creation or produced by a company you affiliate with and in some cases both. So, how quick and fast you actually go is mainly due to preparation with a good measure of fortune, preferably good.

About The Author

Brian Hack currently authors and publishes H4H :: Residual Income Digest Express, http://www.h4h.biz a web site that analyzes internet business opportunity for the purpose of long term personal and business growth. Contact author@h4h.biz

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