Learn to Earn an Affiliate Income Online by TJ Philpott

December 11th, 2010

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A large part of learning how to earn an affiliate income has to do with avoiding common mistakes that waste time and increase your frustrations. Far too many approach their online affiliate business with the attitude they will figure it out as they go along. While the ambition displayed is admirable this approach will only hinder their ability to get a successful start online. A hidden trap here is that the longer it takes to earn your first affiliate commission the more frustrated you will become. This frustration can easily build causing you to quit BEFORE you experience any success.

The key is you want to get a successful start to capture and build upon any momentum you can to further develop your new business.

Here are 5 ‘traps’ you want to avoid in the early stages of your online affiliate business that can slow your progress and reduce your income.

Trying to Go It Alone

Do not try to re-invent the wheel! All too often people disregard advice from those who have successful experience at operating an affiliate business. Due to the simplicity of the online affiliate business model it is tempting to assume ‘expert advice’ is not that critical. Adopting this attitude will only lengthen the time it takes for you to become successful. If someone can offer you advice or ‘shortcuts’ based upon their experience it is always wise to heed what they have to say.

Trying to Master Too Things at Once

Working online exposes you to a literal avalanche of information making it easy to become overwhelmed and misdirected. In order to get a successful start in affiliate marketing take things one step at a time by mastering one skill before moving on to a new one. Trying to learn too many things at once will lead to frustration and a loss of focus making your efforts less effective.

Spending Too Much Time on SEO

Search engine traffic is targeted and it costs you nothing but it is important to realize it takes time to learn. There are other means of traffic generation available that are less complicated and will produce results that you should focus upon first in order to get into profit quickly. In time you can and will learn how to properly optimize your sites and content in order to attract search engine traffic.

Putting List Building before Traffic Generation

Over the long run it is true that the ‘money is in the list’ but starting out the ‘income is in the traffic’ you generate. Another way to put this is you can NOT build a list before you learn how to drive traffic therefore focus on learning traffic generation techniques first.

Emphasizing Product over System Development

Earning an affiliate commission is based upon selling other peoples’ products. This business model works wonderfully and allows you to learn other aspects of online marketing while earning an income. Focus on learning HOW to sell on the internet first before you spend the time and money to develop your own products.

Earning an affiliate income is relatively simple if you follow the example of the many before you who have had success. A common misconception about an online affiliate business is that you can succeed just as quickly by ‘figuring’ things out on your own. This type of attitude can actually keep you from experiencing a successful start with your business which can easily increase your frustrations. The danger here is these frustrations can lead to you quitting BEFORE you even earn any affiliate commission whatsoever! The 5 ‘traps’ discussed above can easily be avoided by simply duplicating the efforts of those who have already experienced success as affiliates. By getting a successful start you can capture much needed positive momentum which can help you build your business in the early but critical stages.

About The Author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

For more tips about how to earn an online affiliate income and to receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:http://affiliatequickstart.com

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