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February 6th, 2010

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I’ve had some time to do some reading lately and I’ve managed to come across a few really interesting posts that I thought I’d let everyone know about. Check em out and let me know your thoughts on some of the topics they talked about within –

PPC Free Recommendations | Internet Marketing Review 101

Reciprocal Links and Partner Sites PPC Marketing BusinessKeywords and AdWords aren't the only way that search engines score relevancy; links to other. Read More…

Secrets of Tracking the Wild Click Real …

The link itself leads to the same place, but after using those links you'll be able to look at your tracking data and see how much traffic came from your PPC ads and how many came from your article marketing. … Read More…

PromotionWorld : Tracking Your Search Engine Optimization and …

The same cannot be said about search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing due to the incredible amount of documentable information on the internet. This information allows for more focus and precision in terms of targeting … Is PPC profitable PPC in general is carrying less weight for visitors than say, eighteen months ago. The organic searches are what most visitors consider important so a review of the profitability of your PPC efforts is probably in order. … Read More…

Hope you enjoy the read as much as I did and please if you have something to say, use the comments form below to let everyone know your thoughts.

Have a great day!

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