Latest list building news – Bonnet House lands on endangered list for third year

October 19th, 2010

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I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts lately. I thought I might do something different today and rustle up a few bits of info from around the WWW. These are some of the news items and blog posts that have been popular over the last few weeks. Leave me your thoughts.

Bonnet House lands on endangered list for third year

At the time, developers asked city commissioners for an additional three years to apply for proper building permits. There is another vacant property …   Read More…

Get the injury scoop here

General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. gave us updates on Jimmy Rollins, JA Happ and Ryan Madson, all of whom are on the disabled list. 1. …   Read More…

Allensworth cut from list of heavy maintenance hub sites

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has ruled out building a heavy maintenance hub in southwestern Tulare County. …   Read More…
That’s all the news for today guys, so until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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