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December 23rd, 2010

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OK let’s cut the bull and get directly to what really counts in list construction – whether you are beginning out or have been doing IM for several years. Lots of different people from many different countries and walks of life are successfully making cash with this recipe, and you can as well if you put a bit of “elbow grease” into it. Whenever you look into in how most Internet Marketing millionaires make their wealth you realize that constructing a targeted list of responsive subscribers plays a important part. They reckon that each subscriber you bring to your mailing list is worth $1, so you could realize How much there is to be made with this strategy. Additional articles in the sequence will deal with how to earn the most cash with your list. The full details of list construction are in the free eBook you could acquire at the link below – for space reasons we can just sketch the most important steps here.

Give it all away

One of the rules of the new Permission Marketing is that you require to give people something before they will trust you or buy from you. Some customary things that are given are eBooks, reports, development videos etc which must be on your subscribers’ theme of course. PLR (Private Label Rights) products are a speedy method to receive commenced but eventually the best route is to produce your own unique info product.

“Charlie” takes over

Charlie being pilot vernacular for the auto-pilot – in terms of e-mail marketing this means using an auto-responder such as These systems will automatically send out a predefined group of emails at periods set by you. You will use these e-mails for relationship building and gradually ease in your sales messages. It’s better to employ double opt-in (subscribers are needed to click a link to confirm their identity) and this will aid with AdSwaps in addition.

Squeeze to win

The page you direct people to where they sign up (opt-in) to your mailing list is referred to the Squeeze Page. It is imperative that your optin page is perfectly set out – Full info is supplied in the gratis eBook.

What happened in the Forum today?

Get active in those forums which serve your niche market and you have an excellent means to start getting people to see you. If you type Forums gardening (or whatever your niche is) into a search engine you will receive a list of significant forums to visit. Blogs (a bit like forums) on pertinent topic areas are another good way to begin acquiring traffic – like forums they have continuity.

Joint Ventures can be Giveaways

Not many people seem to know about this one – JV (joint venture) Giveaway Events. A link to a maintained list of all current JV giveaways is available in the free eBook.

Article Marketing – what that?

Articles like this one can also be a great way to get the word out. Back links are what you receive when webmasters link to your site – and these links promote you higher up the search engine page rankings.

Social Networking Traffic

The main Social network sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. If you already have followers on these sites then use them as well to expand your list. The next traffic method will be helped by their being on your list.

AdSwaps will boost numbers

Don’t know where to look for AdSwap partners – well this is where the free eBook will help. Play fair with your AdSwaps and it will be a method that rewards you for years to come. With AdSwaps you can genuinely explode the reach of your e-mail marketing.

To round out your knowledge you need our free eBook on List Building.

Mike McLoughlin has been working in the field of Internet Marketing since 1999. Also known as the “Web Marketing Wizard”. To get your free copy of the eBook that expands on the topics mentioned above: List Building eBook

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