Internet Marketing Outsourcing Beginner’s Guide – 5 Steps to Follow

August 29th, 2009

There will be times when an Internet Marketer will decide that they need to outsource part of their activities. This could be because of a multitude of reasons but mainly either to maximise their time on the actual marketing or lack of technical expertise. These are a few of activities that a marketer may outsource:

• E-Books

• Articles

• Hiring support staff

• Video editing and screen capture videos

• Create software

• Design websites

Some recommended places to seek providers are at, or The great advantage of using these companies is that when you agree with provider the funds are placed in escrow, so your money is not released until the job is completed to your satisfaction. However there are other steps to follow to avoid project being delayed or having to re-hire another provider:

• Be specific – When posting a job, it needs to be detailed to exactly what you want them to do. You need to treat providers/coders like children giving simple instructions so that there is no misunderstanding giving step by step procedures. For example if you wanted a coder on say Rentacoder to create a software program, you need to tell them that you want a button to do something and not assume anything even if it is common sense.

• Providers/coders previous feedback – When the providers reply with an offer, you need to analyse the feedback to see if they have positive ratings. To narrow down the search only consider providers with high ratings from their previous projects.

• Relevant similar projects – The provider may have excellent ratings but their previous jobs need to be similar to the project you want them to do. It is best to choose providers that have experience and up to the job of your project to avoid delays.

• Similar rates – It is important that the provider has done work that is of a similar standard that you require. For example if you posted a project that was $500 but the provider previous work has only been in the $50 bracket, you have to question will they seriously be able to do the work to meet your satisfaction.

• Big projects – For large projects which will take a bit longer than a couple of weeks it is more than likely that you will have to release funds from escrow once a stage/milestone has been reached. If the project is likely to take a couple of months, there will be milestones and if satisfactory some of the funds will need to be released.

Using the strategies mentioned above will help you get your project delivered on time and to the required standard 90% of the time. If you use these guidelines you will avoid disagreements on what asked for; providers not achieving the acceptable standard or delays in project completion although you may get unlucky with that 10%.

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