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March 1st, 2011

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Copywriting songs online?

is there anywhere online that you can put your song lyrics in and pay to have them copy written instead of mailing them out?

Is Seo Dead? Use Seo Alone To Grow Your Business.

In the past it was very easy to optimize a website. All you had to do is create a strong title, write up a keyword rich description and throw in a few industry specific keywords to get your site to rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN (now Bing), etc. There is a major flaw with this method today. EVERYONE IS DOING IT!

Don’t be mistaken, in some markets this method of SEO is still highly effective. Places like Virginia, Kentucky, and South Carolina (just to name a few) still has a lot of opportunity for growth. Trying to rank in places like California, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas and New York for industries such as roofing, water damage, carpet cleaning, plumbing, etc… is nearly impossible using basic SEO strategies. This is where more advanced forms of lead generation are needed.

What other ways can a small business, franchise or new company get presence on the web without using SEO?

The number one thing to remember about marketing on the web is, YOU MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! One method of marketing will not be enough to successfully promote your company. You need to be in a mind set of lead generation. Here are some great tools that will give your company a leg up over the competition.

* Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – is taking lead generation to the next level. (Social Media)
* YouTube and Photo Bucket ( Video and Image sites)
* EzineArticles, Buzzle, GoArticles, etc… (Gives people from all over the world a way to promote products and services through article writing)
* Social Bookmarking Digg, Stumble Upon, reddit (A great way to share your videos, images and articles with thousands of searching consumers)
* Blogging – WordPress and (Gives you the ability to write fresh new c
ontent that creates links, drive traffic and give you a boost in the search engines)

All of the methods above have two things in common, fresh content and link building. Though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not completely dead, in this day in time it would be a tremendous mistake to rely on this method alone. If the tools above are used correctly, when SEO does die out your company will be sitting pretty.

Note: The methods above are very time consuming and in some cases tedious. Don’t feel like you have to do it on your own. There are some very SEO- internet marketing companies that will be glad to give you a hand at creating leads for your company.  

By: Timothy Spruill

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I hope this article was helpful. Thank you for reading it. Search Engine Optimization.

Timothy Spruill

SEO- Internet Marketing- PPC

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