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November 9th, 2009

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How To Start An Internet Business
 by: Brian Pratt

When you first start out to build an internet home business it’s really hard to know what to do. There are so many programs, so many guaranteed money making opportunities and so, so much to learn.

Here are some tips on how to start an internet home business:

(1) Look Around

Take time to look around at all the opportunities on offer.

Do some searches on your topics of interest. See if anyone has a training page for an internet home business which has caught your eye.

Join a traffic exchange and spend time surfing there. Make sure you read each ad. This will expose you to most of the opportunities which are being actively marketed.

Subscribe to free ezines and read free home business articles

Look around internet home business forums

Read internet home business blogs

(2) Set Goals

You will hit what you aim for. Goals will keep you focused and they will force you to move on if you find yourself in a rut. Write down some goals make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results orientated and Trackable, build them into your plan.

(3) Build a Plan

Make sure you write a plan for your internet home business. It doesnt need to be long but it should include your goals, basic strategy, the actions you will take and the timeframes you set for each action and of course your planned costs. This will give you focus in the days ahead. Be sure to include how often you will update your plan. I update my tactics (short term actions) every month and my overall strategy every year.

(4) Be Realistic

Very few people have achieved significant revenue streams within 6 months. Most will tell you should be expecting to make reasonable money in a two year timeframe. Focus on getting rich slowly.

(5) Traffic Is King

No matter what you sell or what you do, you will need to find a way of showing lots of people what you have to offer. Ensure that your internet home business plan builds an ongoing self generating and free stream of traffic. The bigger the better.

(6) Plan To Automate

Ensure you can setup each opportunity on auto pilot. By this I mean you should build you business so that each element or opportunity runs itself. This way your focus can be on continually growing the business and not coping with the demands of your existing business.

(7) Find A Great Forum

If you can find a forum where the members are experienced, in profit and willing to share their experience, you will shave years and serious dollars off your learning.

(8) Have A Budget

There are so many great offers, so expertly marketed which will tempt you to part with your dollars. Resist the temptation. If you find a great idea or concept do a search and see if someone will provide it for free. Often they will. If not, remember there is a great bargain to be had every other day. Put it on your “to do” list and get round to it when you can afford it.

(9) Build A Downline

Make sure that with every product you promote, if you can show someone else how to do it, you get some benefit for their efforts. Most programs have this ability, often called a downline. It means that you can focus on growing your internet business by growing your product set and by growing your “sales force” below you. The auto pilot mentality and a downline will allow you to grow your internet home business exponentially over time.

(10)Choose Complimentary Products

When planning how to start an internet business, try to pick products which are complimentary. This will mean that people who join under you in one opportunity will most likely follow you to another, and another allowing you to grow you income streams quickly and with minimum cost.

(11) Be Prepared for Mistakes

You will need to explore lots of options, concepts and tools until you find something that works for you. Treat your mistakes as learning experiences. Do trial everything on a small scale before committing significant expense.

(12) Take Action

Do something every day to build your business. Set aside time and make sure you focus on going forward. With action comes opportunity, with opportunity comes results.

I hope these notes help you to start your own internet business.

I wish you every success !

About The Author

Brian Pratt is a 47 year old New Zealander. He owns a Home Business Site at You can contact Brian at

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