How to Start an Internet Business at Home in 4 Simple Steps

August 20th, 2009

With the job market in disarray more people are trying to figure out how to start an Internet business at home and gain freedom from the rat race. As you begin to look into starting an Internet business it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the information online. In this article I will give you a simple formula for starting a online business that will generate income for you and allow you to free yourself of the rat race and design your own lifestyle in four simple steps. Or it can give you an extra $500 a month if that it is what you want.

Create an information product:

Look at your expertise and knowledge for inspiration for a topic. Most people have some area of expertise that they can share and others will pay for that information. Maybe you know how to build the best green house or chicken coop. Maybe you are an expert and running a restaurant. Maybe you have the ability to meet people and make then instantly like you. What ever your talent is, there are people that will pay you to learn how to do what ever it is. Now all you have to do is write it all down and convert it to a pdf file.

Build a web site and sales page:

Now that you have a product to sell, you need a web site to sell it from. If you know some html you can use an html editor to build a simple web site that contains your sales page. If you don’t know how to build a web site, there are instant site builders that come with most good hosting programs and they are simple to set up and you can be running in a few minutes. Now put your sales page on your web site and you are ready to go.

Find a way to collect money:

Now that you have your sales page you will need a way to collect money and process the sales that you make. There are many companies that do this online for you to choose from. PayPal is one of these companies and they are easy to set up and inexpensive to use. Once you have it set up you will create an order button to put on your web site and you are ready to take orders. This brings us to the last step in getting your Internet business going.

Send traffic to your site:

There are many ways that you can start getting traffic to your site. You can use social networking or pay per click or articles. I prefer article marketing since you are getting traffic that has already read your content and had enough interest in your topic to click your link. This is pre qualified traffic and will convert into sales better than most other types of traffic. The other advantage of article marketing is that there is no out of pocket expense. It can be time consuming but once you start making sales you can reinvest your profits and pay someone to write and submit your articles for you.

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Author: Dale E East

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