How to Start A Part-Time Internet Business

June 7th, 2009

How to Start A Part-Time Internet Business

What options are there for a part-time income at home using the internet? What tools are needed to do this and what steps need to be taken?

Whether you are a baby boomer looking for residual income when you are close to retirement, a single mom seeking a way to work from home or someone tired of the rat race, the search for the holy grail of a home internet business is very passionate.

Simplicity is important when you are looking for quick cash and an easy internet income business. It is often a feeling of sinking into quick sand if you start to hop from link to link reading about selling on auction sites, setting up a blog, how to grow a mailing list, learning php etc.

For someone who is looking for an effective and quick method to get out a quality product and sell it writing about your hobby, interest or job concern can be the perfect solution. These are pdf or word files that someone can purchase and learn more about a topic that interests them. It can be on gardening, internet marketing, growing bonsai plants or making money with ceramics.

What’s involved is to either research yourself or pay someone to create an ebook (which can be done as a word file) and to then attract people to your blog or website where this can be purchased. I recommend that the topic of your ebook be something that is a hobby, popular trend or self-help area. It is critical that the information you provide is substantial and informative. You can download open office for free and create a pdf file that way.

In addition to this, you’ll need to set up some information so people can find it using either a classified ad, blog post or website page. It helps to have a cute cover graphic of the ebook and bullet points of the features the person will learn more about. Then you can set up a payment link using paypal or another form of taking payments.

There is a lot of competition for internet marketing make money ebooks, so it’s helpful to expand into other areas instead to get things going for your business. Think about your hobbies and interests. You can outsource the information by interviewing experts or by hiring a college student majoring in that subject.

I recommend that you pick a topic and do a thorough job on it. You can also offer people a free short version by using an autoresponder or just asking people to e-mail you for additional information and send it in a text file. Spend time understanding the topic from the inside out,researching experts and reading magazine articles on the topic.

How do you then get traffic ? There are lots of ways but classified ads, writing articles you submit to article directories and creating a mini-ebook of the full ebook you can giveaway are very effective. The main thing is to get started and not get stuck in a paralysis comparing things endlessly and getting discouraged.

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By Dee Cohen
Published: 12/21/2007

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