Effective List Building Through eBay

November 14th, 2010

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E-Bay is an underrated tool when it comes to building targeted list or for that matter as a keyword research tool in its own right. The fact that there are so many millions of people trading on eBay on a daily bases makes it a feasible proposition for getting targeted followers.

However there are many methods and techniques for effective list building through eBay, what I’m going to show you below is one such method that is quick and easy to set up and could see your list grow quite dramatically in a matter of weeks.

Bear in mind that eBay has changed it’s rules regarding digital downloads, so what you will be doing is in effect be placing highly targeted keyword rich, eBay classified ads, at a cost of $9.95 per month (insertion fee), but don’t fret you will make this small fee back in subscribers when you consider how much each subscriber is worth to you.

What you will need:

– eBay account

– PayPal Account

– Autoresponder account, Aweber for example

– An article, report or an ebook to give away for free.

Lest presume you already have eBay, Paypal and Aweber accounts set up, you would then need to incorporate sales literature in the body of your classified advert on eBay to direct people to your lead capture page. You will be giving away a section of your ebook or report for free but in turn will be encouraging people to purchase the whole book rather than just the free section.

In affect the process is thus you place a classified ad on eBay with an optin box, people are then directed to your lead capture page where they then have two options. a) to get the free section of your ebook or b) to purchase the whole ebook for a fee. What in affect your doing is getting people’s names and thus in this way building your lists while also generating some sort of revenue. Even if they don’t decide to purchase the ebook, they can still get the free part, but whats more you already have their names added to your list and can send them updates or further offers as of when.

Those who are interested in purchasing your book should be re-directed to a payment page i.e PayPal where they can pay and then be given a link to where they can download the whole book. So you must make sure you upload the whole book to a webserver such as FTP client or maybe even to your blog or site, that way you give them the opportunity to navigate around your site and find out a bit more about you.The same process can be repeated for the free section you are giving away minus the payment link.

Important Points

Remember to post your add in the relevant category i.e, Everything Else > Information Products > How To Guides

Make your title keyword rich so you target the right kind of people

Always list with an Image so your ad stands out

Make sure your sales pitch and opt-in are in your listing, dumb i know but it still amazes how many people forget to do the obvious!

Sell your free report for $0.01 which is more than the cost of the listing but you will make this up in subscribers or if someone purchases the whole of the ebook.

Be creative! add video or music in your listings!

Panos Christo is a new and successful internet marketer/entrepreneur, who dedicates his time training and mentoring his team to success by sharing his marketing techniques and strategies to dominate the competition in internet marketing. To learn more about Panos and how he can help you achieve success visit his blog at http://www.panoschristo.com

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