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August 1st, 2010

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3 Tips for improving Affiliate commissions

These are my top three tips are for promoting an affiliate product. Following these guidelines can save you time, energy and can earn you hundreds, or even thousands in revenue.

1. Choose the right affiliate product to promote.

All products aren’t created equal, neither are their payouts. It takes the same amount of time and energy to promote a $49 dollar product as is does to promote a $2000 product, but the returns are obviously different.

Always choose products with higher costs and ones with higher commissions. Example: If you promote a $1000 product with 50% payout, each sale will net a $500 profit.

In contrast, if you promote a $100 dollar product with 100% commission, you are only netting a $100 profit.

2. Promote a product with a continuity program

A continuity means that a person makes an initial investment in a product, and also incurs a monthly fee

These could include membership sites, information sites, and many others. They key point is, as an affiliate, you not only get paid on the initial sale, but on all future payments as well. This is sometimes termed residual earnings.

With a continuity program, it is sometimes seen as forced continuity, whereas a customer is automatically enrolled after 30-90 days. Often this begins as a free introductory offer followed by a monthly fee.

3. Create a killer free bonus offer for your potential customers

Although you are promoting someone else’s product, you should take the time and put together a bonus offer for trying out your affiliates product.

This could make the difference between a person clicking through your link or another affiliates with the same or similar product.

One idea is two create a 10 page e-book with information similar to the product you’re promoting. The e-book has virtually no overhead with the exception of your time.

Another idea is to include someone else’s free book, course, etc.

Being an online marketer can be a very lucrative business. Starting as an affiliate, selling someone else’s product, is a great way to start.

As an affiliate you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a relatively short amount of time with the right approach.

Being an affiliate is one piece of the online marketing puzzle. No matter where you begin, you will have to sell your prospect without them feel like their being sold to.

I’m a Internet marketer and an Affiliate for many products. I buy and read many, many books and products as part of my ongoing education. Therefore, I have begun offering reviews of some of the books that I have read or products I have purchased and used. I hope this information is informative and saves you time and money. The book review can be found at:

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