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June 25th, 2010

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Copywriter and agent, vs publisher and payment?

I have a copywriter editing a new chapter for my book which is going forward to a publisher as we speak as they liked my book alot and want to see more, my agent has requested we do this and came along with me to the publisher last week.

The copywriter who I have already paid upfront for my book that she edited and changed, hasnt really been in the picture as its all up to date and now in the hands of my agent to send across to publishers.

However now as this one publisher and 3 others are interested, my copywriter has asked to write the chapter herself with my bullet points this week to send to the agent, for this publisher. She said (the copywriter) she wont charge me for this.

They both asked, the agent and copywriter if I have discussed fees with either of them, I havent at all. But interesting how they both asked on fees, the copywriter was a tad off with me when we last spoke about this new chapter.

Can anyone advise what to do, and what NOT to do, as in paying out anymore money, would advances and royalties be the best option going forward?

thank you kindly everyone for your answers

ps I am using Luigi Bonomi Associates (agents in London) and Copywriting company based in Hove.

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