Combine PPC and Clickbank to Make Money

June 7th, 2009

Combine PPC and Clickbank to Make Money

Good systems are those that teach you what you have to do to make money, not the systems that claim that they can turn your hundred-dollar investment into thousands of dollars instantly, without any effort from you.

Every day thousands of affiliates ask the same question – “Why I cant sell anything online? Do you know why? It is about your topic. Almost every beginner starts in network marketing niche and to cut long story short it is overcrowded. To give you stats here, less than 1% of them are interested in how to make money from home.

On the other side,are people with real problems looking for solutions in health or building, what ever. What happens here is, that 99% of marketers are trying to sell something to those few while the smart affiliates know that there is an untapped majority out there. See how that works?

So,what do you have to do to make money? A marketing system that works good and fast. Something like pay per click method but not the one that claim that they can turn your dollar into thousands today,that is scam. Knowing what works, a only comes from testing. Luckily, there are people that have already done it and know exactly what you need to do to make money for yourself.

Finding a good program that can teach you exactly what you need to know to make your profit grow isn’t easy, but there are a few there that can do just that. One of them is Marketing Bully,you can see free case study about Mark who knew nothing about ppc and in 6 weeks he made $15,000. He didn’t know anything about advertising when he started like many others.

If you have ambition to make money with ppc you have to study all free information available online because if you don’t you could lose an obscene amount of time and money.

Marketing Bully teaches the complete sales process of a PPC campaign, beginning from the start.

Research before you place an ad.

Choosing a topic and domain name.

How to build converting landing page?

How to set up sales process?

What your prospects really want?

And there is so much more…

There is so much more to PPC than just putting up an ad and pick the words. The point is to see which ads are being run for months, so that you can find out what is profitable. You see, these ads cost money, anyone paying for months must be making money, otherwise they’d stop paying for the ad. How they do that? There is the way to ‘spy’ on other marketers, seeing which products and ads are ‘profitable’, and then emulate campaign, the ad, and words on less popular search engines.

What I did was…

I was using keywordspy tool and searched for information about successful campaigns. Result was nothing short of amazing. When starting focus on less popular search engines,not Google. It is too competitive and has too many rules. Work smarter and improve your skills.

Combine PPC and Clickbank
Marketing with PPC

By Katarina Bader
Published: 3/10/2009

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