Brief Look At The Things That Happens In SEO by Margarette Mcbride

January 10th, 2011

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SEO or search engine optimization is a form of Internet marketing which involves the use of search engines to improve the quality and quantity of visitors to a website. According to many Internet marketing professionals, SEO has become a very popular method for marketing because of its effectiveness to bring success to a website.

Although very popular, SEO is also known as one of the most complicated Internet marketing method used in the industry. According to a number of SEO professionals, such as those from SEO Philippines companies, SEO involves the use of a wide array of techniques and methods to gain the highest rank in any search engines. It also involves knowledge on the technical aspect of creating a website for them to be able to produce a website built for search engines, or commonly known as “search engine friendly” websites. So what are the usual things that goes through in an SEO campaign?

Common SEO Routine

Keyword research

In any SEO campaign, a keyword research is usually done. This is the most important part of any SEO campaigns because these keywords hold the success of website in the online market. According to SEO Philippines consultants, keyword research involves the use of a number of techniques and tools. Popular tools used today are those of Google Adword Keyword Tool. This allows an SEO professional to determine the market that they would be competing with a keyword.

Site improvement

Along with the research of keywords, an SEO specialist would also take a look at the website they would be optimizing. The usual locations that an SEO specialist would look at is the content and the code used for the website. Changes within the structure of the website are usually imminent. Adding contents to accommodate the researched keywords would also take place. Adding sitemaps are also very important

Web directories

This is also a very important routine. SEO specialists would usually submit an XML file to web directory such as in DMOZ are very important. This is because search engines would use directories as their point of reference to find a website in the internet, so submitting one’s website in a web directory increases the chance of their website being indexed.

External factors

Techniques used outside of the website would then commence. Popular techniques include the use of link building and article marketing. Article marketing can be a powerful technique if used properly. Link building, however, is only a term used to define a wide variety of techniques used to build links. According to many SEO Philippines consultants, the quality and quantity of links directed to a website is what brings success to any SEO campaigns.

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Margarette Mcbride is a copywriter of Optimind Web Design and SEO, a web design and seo company in the Philippines. Optimind specializes in building and promoting websites that are designed for conversion.

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