Autoresponders – What is an Autoresponder?

August 3rd, 2009

What is an autoresponder? In its simplest definition, an autoresponder is a software application that will automatically respond to emails that are sent to it. It’s a simple explanation, but its implications are vast.

If you sell your own products and services, or even if you act as an affiliate and promote products and services for someone else, an autoresponder can be quite helpful. It can save you a lot of time, money and energy.

For example, let’s say that you’re a business coach who specializes in personal branding. You might offer a variety of coaching packages and services around personal brand building and online identity management. In order for someone to gain a better understanding of personal branding, what it is and how it might be used to increase someone’s visibility and credibility, perhaps you offer a special report.

You can offer this report on your website or blog through using an autoresponder. Using ecommerce technology called a shopping cart, you can create an automated system so that when someone signs up on your website, by providing their name and email address, then they will automatically receive an email that includes a link to where they can download your special report.

The beauty of using an autoresponder is that you never need to be involved once you have your report uploaded, an autoresponder created, and an opt-in form added to your website or blog — all very easy things to do.

But, the benefits don’t stop there. Until someone actually unsubscribes from the email responder, you can continue to send information easily and quickly to everyone who is signed up on that particular email list.

You can have a pre-set sequence of messages – which are part of the original autoresponder that you set up, or alternatively, you can send out broadcast messages which are periodic emails that you send about specific things. Broadcast messages are not a part of a pre-sequenced series of messages.

In either case, it’s all automated – except for uploading your messages and clicking a few keys. And, you can even schedule your sequenced or broadcast messages to be sent out at specified time intervals or even specific dates and times during the week.

These are just a few of the factors to consider when it comes to autoresponder technology. And, to find out more about autoresponders and how you can use them to automate your business, visit

Tara Kachaturoff is a business consultant and services provider for entrepreneurs and executives who want to grow their businesses faster, easier and with less effort by using social media and teleseminar technology – She helps people systematize and automate their businesses through employing software and other tools to streamline operations, including ecommerce, project management, and teleseminar technology.

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