As3 Xml Tutorial

August 12th, 2010

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As3 Xml Tutorial

AS3 XML Tutorial is one of the best ways for structuring external content in a logical format that is easy to understand, process, and update. AS3 XML Tutorial is a perfect introduction to creating state-of-the-art Flash applications with XML. XML is quickly becoming the most popular way to store and manage data. Flash’s XML Socket makes it possible to network Flash front-ends to an application server. AS3 XML Tutorial allows developers to use a Flash interface for applications such as message boards, real-time chats, surveys, news feeds, and games.XML in Flash begins by illustrating the basics of XML and the AS3 XML Object. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically. It was XML was designed to transport and store data, with focus on what data is. XML tags are not predefined. You must define your own tags. XML is designed to be self-descriptive and XML is a W3C Recommendation.

ActionScript 3.0 features a full implementation of ECMAScript for XML (E4X), recently standardized as ECMA-357. E4X offers a natural, fluent set of language constructs for manipulating XML. Unlike traditional XML parsing APIs, E4X makes XML feel like a native data type of the language. E4X streamlines the development of applications that manipulate XML by drastically reducing the amount of code needed. Actionscript 3.0 finally introduced the powerful XML handling E4X ECMAScript for XML. This new class introduces a new way to look at the XML strings using native actionscript objects. E4X is a new approach (ECMAScript specification) for working XML data that has been integrated into ActionScript 3.

AS3 XML Tutorial has time saving niceties that make your work easier. One of the introductions is Ecmascript for XML, known as E4X for short. ECMAScript for XML (E4X) is a programming language extension that adds native XML support to ECMAScript which includes ActionScript, DMDScript, JavaScript, JScript. The goal is to provide an alternative to DOM interfaces that uses a simpler syntax for accessing XML documents. It also offers a new way of making XML visible. Thus, AS3 XML Tutorial is more is more straightforward than it was in AS2 and part of the reason is the use of E4X.

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